5 Tips and Hacks for Triplets Moms

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5 Tips and Hacks for Triplets Moms.

While preparing for your triplets arrival, it's, as you'd expect, triple the cost for everything. However, there are some workarounds. With these tips and hacks for triplets moms, you can make the matter simpler, easier with less cost.

1 Crib For 3

When your triplets are newborn. They all will fit into 1 crib and that is such a great idea for as long as they fit. Especially, if you have limited space in your room or not yet planning to have a nursery for them. In addition to the space aspect, having the triplets close to each other works to their benefit a lot. When they are born during a cold season. Their body temperature keeps each other warm and comfortable. Additionally, it aids to develop bonds between them at early age. As they have grown in the womb together, triplets have awareness of each other. And it's very much likely to be calmer and more comfortable around a known presence identity.

Zipper Sleepers

One of the most important and essential clothing items. It's a must for triplets moms, to grab dozen of zipper sleepers. I prefer them over buttons as they take longer to put on. Imagine having to change your baby in the middle of the night, while maybe catching up with the other two.. Zippers make a difference.

Bonus tip: having zipper sleepers for triplets in white (or unisex colors), will make them suitable for both boys and girls.

Cradle Cap Oil

Cradle cap is a harmless skin condition that's common in babies. It usually clears up on its own, but there are things you can try to make it better. It is normal that babies might have cradle cap. Doctors recommend that it should be removed as it cause itching and annoys the baby.

One of my own triplets had it and I was told by the doctor that you don't really have to buy the oil that is for cradle cap specifically, instead you can use any baby oil or olive oil, rub the area gently with it. I used olive oil, half an hour before bath time..and guess what! It worked wonder. I was surprised how it all disappeared from the first use!

Further reading on the treatment check this link from babycenter.com

Midsafe App

If your triplets babies have specific medicine to take, it would just be difficult for your to keep track. Remembering if all three have taken their daily dose or not? And especially when the medicines should be taken on time. It happens that you may forget it and lose track. While that's understandable, as having triplets is not easy task to manage by itself, however there are better ways to help you with keeping track of records. Apps such as Midsafe app, ( Android App | iOS App ) has put me on a complete relief. It free to download, very easy to use and keeps you and your babies on safe and never forget to take your meds.

Check out our Top 5 Must Have Apps For Triplets Moms, for more useful apps.

Baby Car Kit

It's always a good idea to keep a kit in the back of your car. That contains some essential when you're on the go with your triplets. It could contain:

  • A hand sanitizer
  • Diapers & Bibs
  • Wet wipes
  • Light blankets
  • A pieces of clothes for your babies, and a backup shirt/top for yourself.
  • Baby bottom cream

This kit will keep you in relief when you are out for a long while with your little ones.

Bonus Tips & Hacks for Triplets Moms: Essential Basket

For moms of triplets. It's always three times the task. For when you're juggling your three babies at home. Put 2-3 baskets or boxes that contains essentials (similar to above mentioned points). You can also put a small toy of your babies there to keep him/her busy with while changing their diapers.

These tips have helped me being a mom of triplets, to save time, efforts and money too. And I hope they will be of use to you as well.

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