5 Easy Ways Serving Eggs for Led Weaning Baby

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Eggs for led weaning baby.

Eggs are crucial for babies. They're very nutritious, and easy to prepare. As soon as your baby is on solids, doctors will recommend runny egg yolk, being on top of perfect baby's first foods. From then on until your baby is a led weaning, there are various interesting ways which u can serve the eggs for the led weaning baby.

I have tried many for my own triplets, and just like any food/meal. They may like it or dislike it, depending on personal taste that babies have developed.

Favorite ways of serving eggs for led weaning baby

Here are top five ways of serving eggs for led weaning baby. Seem to be their favorite, appeal to their taste. Additionally, they are easy for me to prepare.


1. Hard Boiled Egg

eggs for led weaning baby

  1. Boil the egg for approximately 15 minutes
  2. Let it cool off
  3. Cut the egg into two or four slices.
  4. Now it's ready to be served one slice at a time, to avoid the mess or having it all on the floor at once, because you know..Babies!

2. Fried Mixed Eggs

  1. Crack and mix the egg well, before pouring it into a pan
  2. Add a table spoon of olive oil or coconut oil
  3. You can add a pinch of cinnamon powder for a better taste (my triplets prefer it this way)
  4. You can cut it into slices and serve it as "finger food"

3. Eggs Muffins

  1. Firstly mix the egg well
  2. Add any vegetables such as; Zucchini cut into small pieces. Spinach, or any other fast cooking veggies.
  3. Place it in the cup-cake molds
  4. Cook for about 10 minutes in the oven
  5. Let it cool down and it's ready to be served

4. French Toast Egg

  1. Remove the hard edges of the toast
  2. Cut the French toast into slices
  3. Dip it in the scrambled eggs or mixed eggs
  4. Put into a preheated none sticky pan
  5. Add a table spoon of butter or coconut oil
  6. Toast both sides for about 2 minutes
  7. Ready to serve!

5. Pancakes

  1. Crack and mix an egg
  2. Mash a banana and add it on the egg.
  3. Add two table spoons of oats to the mixture
  4. Mix them together with a fork or spatula
  5. Put some butter in a pan and start making your baby's yummy breakfast

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