How to Effectively Manage Teething Triplets

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Teething Triplets? here are some proven tips and tricks to help ease the process.

Teething is a major milestone for a baby. When they start teething, it's a major discomfort for them. First experience, not knowing what it is or what they should do to ease the pain.

When does the teething period start?

Your baby will actually start developing their first teeth, whilst they are still in the womb. Rarely happens that some babies are born with their first baby teeth. But, Most commonly teething starts with 4 months to 12 months of age.

It’s important that as soon as teeth start to show. It should be cared for and cleaned thoroughly. In order to help avoid any possible issues with your triplets teeth. It will help build a routine for cleaning their teeth in the future, as well.

Not All Teething are Equal!

The effects on your teething triplets are not equal. Each baby is affected differently. With some lucky ones are not being too bothered by it. On the other hand, it can be quite a painful process for others. However there are some common symptoms you may notice when your baby is teething.


Symptoms and Solutions for Teething Triplets

  • More biting. Infants may bite on their toys or even fingers to help relieve the pressure they feel on their gums. our teething triplets tended to grab each others hands and put it in their mouth to sooth the pain, but in order not to hurt their fingers I used to attach a teething clips on their clothes made of silicon, they would grab and bite, also, get busy and entertained with its shape and colors.
  • lose of appetite.With teething triplets, you have to keep in mind that one or two and sometimes the three of them will go through the whole day without showing interest for food. Sometimes, they might refuse milk as well. in such a case make sure you serve it cold to help comfort their suffering.
  • more sucking. your babies would normally tend to suck anything they catch. my solution at times was to put a cold small wet towel in their hands and they would put it in their mouth. Another thing I would prepare was the breast milk popsicles, these two hacks were very efficient with my whole three babies.
  • Restless and having trouble sleeping. some babies teething pain during the night is just more intense than the others, which was the case with one of my triplets. the pediatrician had recommended to give him proper does of Acetaminophen according to his age, it helped Jonathan sleep with less disturb and sleep cuts.
  • High fever and/or diarrhea. when teething, as mentioned above that your infants chew and bite everything within reach. This is how they pick up germs and it results in having high fever and also diarrhea. try to sanitize whatever seem to be within their reach, especially their toys by putting them on a boiling water bowl or with any specific machine that does the job.
  • Upset or irritable. Your teething infants might be upset or screaming due to the pain they're experiencing. Quite often a cuddle or playing with them can be enough to distract them from the pain, they might not be in a mood to play but at least you be bonding with your baby meanwhile you would be taking their mind off the pain.

How Long Will it Last?

There is no set time limit for when your infants cut their first tooth and for how long they may be experience teething.

Teething is an ongoing process that occurs between 6 and 24 months of age. Fortunately, no matter the age or stage of teething your child is in, there is always a way for everything, if not many!. Based on personal experience with my teething triplets.

The previously mentioned methods have proven to be quite effective in soothing and bringing my babies comfort.

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