How to Throw a Cake Smash Party for Triplets

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Give your triplets babies the best Cake Smash Party, an easy DYI guide.

Cake Smash Party?

In the last 6 years or so, almost every 1st birthday celebration involves the famous cake smash session. Generally a smash cake is a smaller cake, it allows the child to do anything they want with it. Eat it, throw it, smash it, paint their own faces with it, or even sit on it. (just like how Yonel did :).

So it’s meant to be destroyed and it seems like so much of fun. Capturing those crazy fun moments will be one of the things your child will thank you for in the future. Because lets be honest, who wouldn't want to watch themselves getting lost with a whole new world; cakes. I bet we all do.

Let's Start with Theme Selection

When it comes to themes, for some moms, it takes a while to choose one. There are so many possibilities, but for triplets of mixed gender, the choices kind of narrow down. In terms of colors and characters, despite the fact that there are many themes that are suitable for both genders.

Here are some theme ideas to get you started with:

  • Woodland animals
  • Cowboy/cowgirl
  • Sea/beach play day
  • Birds and butterflies
  • Nature inspired

It all depends on how you want to celebrate the event. Once you make up your mind on the theme. Then you can prime your imagination to create some unique decorations.

For us, we wanted  to have some simple decorations that match all together. Theme, colors, outfits and cake. At the same time, creating something that won't hurt the budget, and also take not too much time to execute.

Cake Smash Party for Triplets

The Party Props

Cake Smash Party Theme: Rainbow

Instead of ordinary pink and blue with white for when having both genders. Why not trying to have it with mixed colors?

This will allowed us to have more options with dressing the triplets (could be all different styles and colors yet matching together). Choosing a cake, and creating the decorations.

Next Up: The Cake!

A cake per baby? fair enough. But on a second thought, imagine all the hours I would spend cleaning up after 3 smashed cakes all over the place!

And most importantly, the joy lies in the triplets sharing the fun, together.

So, the right decision clearly was to go with one cake for all. To have your babies gathered around it and share the joy destroying it the way each one them wants. This surely will help in more savings and less cleaning up for the mom afterwards.


Basic elements of the theme. I got total of 100 colorful balloons.

The background - We got the 13 inches - Happy Birthday balloon kit.

You will also need 2 packs of 5 confetti balloons to put them all on the floor around the babies, along with some colorful ones.

This will definitely give a beautiful touch for the photos and take them to another level, being main materials.

Triplets in Action

When the triplets were first put in front of the cake, they had no idea what it was. It was first time for them to see a cake they looked confused if to touch it or not. Slowly but surely, they got closer and touched it. Things started to get exciting after the they tasted it for the first time.

Jonathan put his hands on it, and started digging deep to grab a chunk of it. While Yama, gently touches and taste it with her attitude. As for Yonel, after the first taste, he wouldn't know what to do to it (maybe it was the sugar effect) so he decided to sit on top of it!

All this  joy of the activity and the real meaning of a cake smash wouldn't have been on point if the triplets were on their high chairs. That's why I decided to have it on the floor to allow them move freely with it and make the best out of the moment.

DIY Baby Birthday Rainbow Theme

For a fun baby birthday party, creating a rainbow theme, here is a list of items you will need:

  • Balloons
  • Cartoon
  • Peel and Stick glitter papers
  • Cake
  • Artificial flowers
  • Formula can
  • Spray Paint
  • round plastic laundry basket
  • A Stick ( around 1M.)
  • double stick tape

Rainbow Cloud

For this DIY you will need a round-shaped plastic basket (such as laundry basket), a wooden stick, double stick tape, peel and stick glitter papers, cartoons and the colorful balloons.

Create a whole (stick size) in the middle on the basket an turn it upside down to start working with it.

Tie the balloons with a ribbon, individually in a straight line and attach it around the basket with some tape.

After creating 3 lines, the basket will seem full of balloons. Here, you will need some smaller balloons to stick  them with a double stick tape to cover  whats appearing from the basket. continue the process until full coverage, you will have formed a beautiful big rainbow cloud made of balloons.

Birthday Balloons

Grab the wooden stick and place it in the middle of the basket. and start working on the cartoon to form Number 1 shape, once done, use peel and stick glitter paper to cover the cartoon with.

Cut the stem of the artificial flowers, (put them aside to be used for the following project). And place the flower into one side of the Number 1 shape.

Lastly, stick the Number 1 sign onto the wooden stick that is previously placed in the middle of the basket, using the double stick tape. Picture above represents what a beautiful piece of decor you will create with these very simple steps and few materials.


Cake Toppers Easy made

For the cake toppers I chose to create their names first letters. In order to prepare that, grap the flower stem and cut it into 3 even pieces. Using previous steps on making a shape out of cartoon, I created 3 small letters, with the double stick tape, stuck it onto the stem and placed them on top of the cake instead of candles. For the matter that your babies are safer than when having a candle in front of them.

Rainbow Birthday Cake

Cake stand - Easiest of all

Now into the most easy and fun part - Cake stand DIY.  You will only need to paint the formula can with the spray pain. leave it for about half an hour to get dry and design it your way with the peel and stick glitter paper! Easy Peasy.

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