How we chose our lovely triplets baby names

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Triplets baby names journey.

When expecting a baby it takes one a seriously long while, and a huge list of names. After researches, brainstorming, checking online (such as Brikha.net) or through apps (check out Assyrian Baby Names app) consulting others and hearing opinions. Until the parents finally decide on the perfect names. It is one of those very special and unique activities, and life changing moments, when expecting a baby and planning a perfect name for him/her.

Triplets baby names

Now, imagine having to name three at the once. when thinking about naming triplets babies (or multiples in general), there are few ways parents can go about the process.

  • One of them is choosing matching names for all three. Either matching by meaning, or by pronunciation, or rhyming.
  • Another way is to consider some sort of "connection" among the triplets baby names. For example, starting with the same letter.
  • Some parents choose their triplets baby names based on alphabetical order. For instance, baby A (Arche) B (Ben) C (Chloe).
  • On the other hand, some will name their triplets honoring a family member, religious figure, or even political leaders.
  • Or maybe simple random names that aren't connected to each other.

However one choose to name their triplet babies, it's a beautiful and exciting experience just to be in the moment.

triplets baby names

Should a baby's name "mean" something?

This subject is more of a personal opinion. There's no right or wrong answer in this. However; as a personal note, when naming our triplets, we put a lot of thought into it. Because we didn't want to give our babies any name. A name is a person's first impression, ID, something that stays with them for the rest of their lives.

While it may not "mean" something, but it sure has a positive impact when it's suitable for the person. A study showed that 3 out of 10 Americans don't like their given names. And some even attempt to change it. This might be a result of "careless" naming. or maybe using out-dated names.

Our Experience

It's definitely a luxury naming three first babies. When we found out that we are expecting 2 boys and 1 girl. We actually didn't have any certain name in mind. Except one baby-boy name, as a tribute honoring his late grandfather's name (Yonan). In the Assyrian language that means (dove), that is (Jonah) or (Jonathan) in English. So, Jonathan, was the only name we had in mind, and we loved it.

However; we still had to name a second baby boy and a girl. We preferred the names to be under same theme or related by meaning and have to match with the name Jonathan.

Next in line was Yama, meaning (The Sea). While not directly relates in meaning to Yonan, but it still started with the letter Y, and it's a beautiful Assyrian name (the language their grandfather loved & taught). And sure enough we had baby girl Yama, with blue eyes, calm and beautiful. Just like her name indicates 🙂 

For the third name (our second boy) we wanted to give him a name equally special to his siblings' so we came up with the unique name,  Yonel. which is a combination of Yon-El which translates (Yona d Alaha) in Assyrian  or (Dove of God) in English. And that is almost identical to the name Yonan.

To sum it up

It was a great joy for us as parents-to-be, when we were finding out triplets baby names. We looked into a lot of resources, came up with different ideas, until finally settled on the perfect names. We felt it's a big responsibility taking on the role of giving a person his name. What he/she will be known as for all their lives. So we took it very seriously.

Enjoy, and cherish the moments you have  during this stage. Keep the names relevant, meaningful, something that relates or is connected to a person/place/event.. And remember, your baby will live and be known by what you name him/her.

Happy Naming!

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