My Miraculous Triplets Birth Story

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Triplets birth story.

Like any other multiples pregnancy case, mine was not any easier in all it's stages. In fact, maybe it was toughest to experience. Despite being a wonderful and worthwhile journey.

So what was so hard about multiple pregnancy?
There are a few instances to talk about.

Going Into Labor

A few days prior going into labor, my leg looked blueish and swollen up. It was really bad and it happened within a very short time. The symptoms seemed to grow worse rapidly. Which made it almost impossible to put any pressure on (moving or stepping on it). Immediately, We contacted my doctor for an emergency appointment. I was scheduled for the 20th of August.

It was in the early morning, the doctor (OBG) started the examination, and he suspected it would be DVT (deep vein thrombosis - learn more about DVT). But it didn't have all the signs to indicate the case. Nor there were signs of early labor. So he told me to watch my leg and keep him updated.

That same day, in the afternoon. I woke up from a nap to heavy bleeding with no pain at all. That I was immediately taken to the hospital as referred by my OBG, and there followed my doctor. After checking with ultrasound, I was told that the reason behind this heavy bleeding was Placental Abruption. This basically means, one of my babies might not get enough oxygen. On the other hand, there was the issue of my overly swollen leg. Shocked the medical staff how fast it had developed within a couple of hours only.

Against All Odds

An emergency C-section was recommended to save my baby A while it didn't seem a good option, or in fact it could cause serious complications to my leg, to a degree that I might loose it.

To save my child, C-section had to be placed ASAP!
"I'm not sure of what will happen to your leg and I have to say it. But lets hope for the best and get into the operation unit" said my OBG.
Like any mom who would give up everything for her child's health;
I would choose my baby of course, if it takes my whole being.

Triplets Birth Story & NICU

Three beautiful, little tiny human beings have arrived that afternoon at 8:46, 8:47 and 8:48 pm. and were taken Immediately to the NICU unit.
Jonathan weighted 1,940 kg, Yonel 1,440 kg and Yama 1,470 kg.

Find out how we chose our triplets names.

For the first few hours, the three of them had there nasal cannulas on to give them extra oxygen. For Jonathan, it was more needed and for longer so he had an oxygen hood that is placed over the head. However, as preemies of 33 weeks, they seem to do very well in the NICU.

On day 4 and 5 of NICU, Yama and Jonathan were brought home, while Yonel needed to stay couple more days because of the unstable rates of glucose in his blood. Despite that, my little warriors were strong enough to make us proud and be all home safe, on day 8 of their birth. It was the best feeling in the world indeed, to start our journey as a family unit of five.

NICU: triplets birth story

Another Miracle

Not just that was mind-blowing. But as I had my leg all bandaged for 3 days. I assumed that they did an operation for. But, luckily, when I saw my doctor, he confirmed that it was nothing but firmly bandaged. As he was taking off the bandage, said; "this is another miracle. I can't believe that this legs is in normal color and shape with no swelling." I started moving it, without any pain at all.

The issue seemed to be attached somehow to (Baby A)'s Placenta abruption, Thus moved uncomfortably which cause pressure on the blood veins causing blockage of blood circulation.

It has been a real tough journey from as soon as pregnancy symptoms started to appear on me. But it only gave me stronger faith. The thought that I went through this is enough to enable me to make it through anything else.

All that I have written and that I haven't yet, is our story. And I wouldn't change one bit of it for anything. As long as we are a healthy and a happy family.

Believe in miracles.. Because they happen.
In our case, it was twice the miracle, and a lifetime blessing.

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