Pros & Cons Of Using A Baby Teether

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Baby teether. Should you or should you not use them?

During the time your baby is having their first teeth, Various different types of teethers are designed to provide relief and ease the pain of teething. It is really distressing to see your baby in such situation. Therefore, like any parent would, you start looking for a way to relieve the pain. There are many stores  you can get the teethers, they  come in different shapes,colors and sizes. Which makes them appealing to the babies in general especially to toddlers.  However, While picking the teethers, you should avoid getting those which contains the ingredients below.

  • Lead
  • BPA
  • Phthalate
  • Heavy metals
  • Cadmium and other toxic substances

Pros Of Using Baby Teethers

  • Infants start to suck on anything and everything when they start teething. Hence, they would be interested when they are given something to suck on, and baby teethers are designed exactly for this purpose. Aside from soothing their gum, it will also help in entertaining the baby temporary when hungry, it gives you a little time to be able to prepare your baby food.
  • Baby teethers also function to provide soothing properties. Therefore, they often come in hand for when your baby is in a stressful situation such as when having to undergo blood tests or taking an injection. Some  babies find it hard to settle down or be calm at bedtime and have found comfort when given their teether, which was the case of one of my triplets babies, She would suck on it and make sounds till she would fall asleep. While my other baby would suck on his thumb that I was afraid that it ends up being a habit, but that was controlled by giving him a teether every time he would put his finger on his mouth.
  • There are a wide range of baby teethers made from different materials, such as wood, plastic, silicone and rubber. For my triplets I chose those made of silicone, I would put them in the fridge and cool them to a degree that they provide chilliness and soothe them. If you do that, just make sure not to freeze to a degree that  would hurt your baby's soft gum.



Cons Of Using A Baby Teether

  • Although parents have been tending to use teethers as an aid for years, there are also a few drawbacks linked to this practice. One of them is that your baby may become dependent on the teether/pacifier, when he/she uses to sleep, you may face repeated crying in the middle of the night when the pacifier falls out of mouth. This has been my biggest struggle with Yonel as he wouldn't sleep without it and screams laud if it would fall out of his mouth. I practiced to carry him and rock him with my arms slowly or touch his back gently while playing white noise app to put him back to sleep. I continued to do so, It was not easy and took us time until my baby would sleep without a pacifier through the whole night with no sleep cuts.
  • According to pediatricians,  using teethers may interfere with breastfeeding for the infants. If they are given a pacifier too soon, babies will learn how to suck on it which will result in having troubles with breastfeeding. Because sucking on a breast is definitely different from sucking on a pacifier.
  •  Some studies have shown that the use of pacifiers may increase the risk of middle ear infections, and the prolong usage of it may cause some serious dental problems. They may lead to slanting the  top front teeth or not allow them to come properly.


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