Pure Born Diapers - The Best Organic Diapers

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Pure Born Diapers - Organic Diapers

Diapers are one of the very essentials when having a baby. They wear diapers, all day, every day. While there's no real alternative for diapers to be replaced with. There are types of diapers that are healthy, and suitable for the daily use. To make it easier and more comfortable for the babies wearing them.

Pure Born Diapers - First Glance

Of all the many brands available in the market, Pure Born was the best option. First of all, what caught my attention was the unique packaging. The colors, and patterns and shapes (knows as Prints by Pure Born). However most attractive aspect of the packaging the the big label that reads (100% Organic). This amazed me the most and got me to follow their Instagram to find their page as well.

With one baby, you will need about 8-10 diapers per day, in our case that's multiplied by three. And when you start throwing them out on daily basis, you will resized what a huge waste they create.

PureBorn Diapers - The Best Organic Diapers

Why Organic Diapers Matter

Pure Born are hands down, the best organic diapers we have ever tried. They are made of 100% pure bamboo fiber and core. And here's why this fact matters;

  • Bamboo bamboo is from the grass family, thus they grow very quickly. Without chemicals and pesticides and rarely needs replanting.
  • Bamboo diapers are biodegradable (capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution).
  • Another great thing is that bamboo diapers are 70% more absorbent, than the regular cotton fabric diapers.
  • It draws off moisture from the body better than cotton does, so it keeps your baby skin drier and less irritated.
  • Not to forget mentioning that (organic diapers) bamboo fiber helps to reduce odors causing bacteria and are naturally hypoallergenic which are perfect for babies with sensitive skin.

Pure Born proudly claims that no trees are harmed in the making of our nappies and wet wipes…

Pure Born - Official FB Page

It's worth mentioning that Pure Born Organic diapers are 100% Free from Animal Cruelty - Never been tested on animal. And are free from any animal-derived ingredients.

Keep it Fashionable

Pure born diapers have the cutest prints, we are currently in love with the tiger's print and the babies love looking at them while they have them on. Furthermore, they're featured with wet diaper indicators that comes in yellow lines and turns blue when the diaper is wet and needs change.
With it's various beautiful prints, you can keep your babies fashionable all summer long.

Pure Born Prints Organic Diapers

Contacts & Social Media

If you're interested, you should definitely consider Pure Born for your baby. Check out the official website and shop here www.pureborn.ae

And the social media profiles Facebook - Instagram - YouTube

Interesting Fact

5% of each product of Pure Born is donated to help the children in need. So when purchasing such a diaper, you're not just keeping your baby healthy and supporting the environment. But also, you are taking a part in the most amazing act, the act of giving.

The Verdict After Trial

Normally, before I get comfortable to use a new product for my own triplets, I make my research and comparisons, trial..

The results of using Pure Born diapers, for over a month, have been amazing. And every day is a proof that I made the right decision choosing what's safe and healthy for my triplets.

Let's know in the comments, your baby's experience after trying Pure Born diapers.

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