Top 5 Must Have Apps for Triplets Moms

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Mobile devices are everywhere now, and for a reason. They're very helpful. They assist us with daily tasks, reminders, to-do, and more. And so for the newly or mom-to-be to triplets. Here are my top 5 picks of must have apps for triplets moms. I have used / still use the apps. They're easy and free to use. Thus I thought of sharing them with you.

Apps for Triplets Moms - A list of top 5 must have apps mothers of triplets.

1. Water Reminder

Staying hydrated is one very important thing for new moms, to be considered highly by the moms of twins and multiples as they tend to totally ignore their health and self care after a huge life shift.
Water reminder is a great app that reminds you to drink water timely! Records of Daily Water Intake. you can also customize Water cup. The reminder goes off during your sleep time.

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2. Ovia Parenting

This app is a very informative and easy to use. It gives new things to learn always and tells you what's new with your child’s development and growth, track everything for your baby, share your family’s most memorable moments, and much more..

I have tried many but only with Ovia I had the option to easily add multiple children. It provide great features such as; Health tracker: log your baby’s feeding wither breast or bottle,dirty diapers, and sleep duration. Developmental milestone tracker: customization, illustrated milestone checklist.

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3. Medsafe

It is really hard for mom of triplets to remember and keep track  if all three babies have specific medicine to take. Especially when it has more than one dose a day and when its restricted by time too. It happens that you forget and that is really understandable and doesn't makes you any less of a super mama that you are. Having triplets is not easy to keep things in order and organized all the time plus if you as a mom have medications too to take.. Midsafe app, has put me on a complete relief. It keeps track of all the medications of each of us and keep me always reminded. It's free to download, very easy to use and keeps you and your babies on safe and never forget to take your doses..

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4. White-noise Baby Sleep Sounds

White noise is calming for baby and resembles the kind of sounds that he would hear in the womb. This app is a perfect sleep aid for your babies which works and helps them and adults to fall asleep quickly. It is a free app helps your babies and you! to fall asleep using sounds of fan, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, sea, rain, shower and many more) by just selecting the desired sound. You can also create a mix with the sounds you prefer.

Tip: This app can also be used by adults suffering with sleep disorders.

My triplets fall asleep deeply after only 5 mins of playing rain sounds. We love it and use it mostly nighttime.

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5. The Bump

Certainly a favorite, and we used it during the pregnancy period. It has a wide range of features, such as; preparing every mom-to-be for each doctor visit. An interactive 3D visualization of baby's growth (very cool feature) Daily, pregnancy and baby editorial tips and articles. Real-time answers to all your questions: “Is this normal?” “Is this safe?” as well as a large catalog of baby products and reviews across all major retailers

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Do you have an app to suggest? or request an edit? let's know in the comments below, or contact us.

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